A stop at the shoreline

Today I had to make a quick run up to my favorite boating supply house Surplus Unlimited in Daytona Beach to pick up some boat wax.  On the way home I decided to stop at one of my little bank fishing spots to sneak a quick couple of casts in before taking on the tedious task of waxing my boat.  It didn’t take long to get into the spotted sea trout.


I had one of my favorite lures tied on, the mirrolure mirrodine.   I ended up with three trout landed and released and I lost a forth.  As I cast, I scanned the water for signs of life.  The first thing I noticed was the abundance of baby pinfish, always a welcome sign.  Next were huge holes in the sand followed by the beast that was making them, a huge stingray.  I looked behind me along the waters edge to find a pair of beautiful porcupine fish that nearly beached themselves. 20150505_112301(0)-1

I watched for a few minutes as they made their way back to safety.  You never know what you’ll see fishing the shoreline in good old Daytona Beach.

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