Some fish never learn

Fishing heavy structure with light tackle is always risky business.  You need to know where your bait is at all time and you need to be ready to pull hard with the drag locked.  We caught this Redfish fishing in Daytona Beach around the LPGA bridge.  The first time he took the bait and ran straight into the pilings and broke us off.  About 5 minutes later it was fish on again.   When we got him to the boat, we noticed something odd.

Daytona beach Redfish tricks

He had a small circle hook with a 20# test leader and a small amount of hi vis yellow power pro braid hanging out of his mouth.   This was the exact same fish that had just broken us off minutes earlier.  Maybe he had a guilty conscience and wanted to return the hook? We removed the hooks and released him safely.

Capt Eric Greenstein 


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