Pulling the plug on the cheap plug

I have spent the last year dealing with trolling motor plug problems and issues.

Old trolling motor plug

Old trolling motor plug

Every few months we will be out in the river fishing and the troller just dies.  I walk up wiggle the plug a few times and she comes back to life.  Then I go home and take a medium grit sandpaper and clean the corrosion off the prongs and the receptacle.  This typically get me through another 2-3 months.  Well after talking to a few other captains, I decided to drop a few bucks on the Marinco trolling motor plug and receptacle.

New trolling motor plug

New trolling motor plug

From what I gather this is the best of the best.  Why do you need a plug, why not wire direct?  Two reasons and they both of them are because I own a Minnkota Ipilot.  First off, you should unplug your tm when charging.  Second, sometimes the wireless trolling motors just go haywire.  They may lose connection with the remote while on full speed and charge you right into a low hanging tree or even worse in front of a speeding boat.  You need to be able to quickly and safely unplug the unit to stop the boat.

The installation was simple.  Push the wires into the he’s and tighten down the nuts.  It’s gasketed and feels very sturdy.  You plug it in and twist to the right to lock it in.  No more loose connections.  I’ll post again in a few months with an update.  

Capt Eric Greenstein



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