Tomoka Tarpon Fishing Guide

Got to fish with one of my favorite repeat clients this morning.  USMC Michael Bressler came all the way from California to chase Tarpon with me.  OK, that’s an exaggeration, he also has family here in Ormond 😉  He brought along his stepfather Louie or Nano as Michael calls him.  The first few spots we hit were very slow but I felt confident that if we kept on searching we would find the fish.  I am happy to say I was correct.  Michael jumped a nice silver king but it shook the hook.

Jumping a Tarpon in the Tomoka River

Jumping a Tarpon in the Tomoka River

A few minutes later and he hooked up again, this time we got it to the boat and up for a quick pic.

Michaels Tomoka River Tarpon

Michaels Tomoka River Tarpon

In the next 45 min we jumped a few and missed a few hits.  Then I hooked up with one and handed it off to Louie.

Nano getting his

Nano getting his

We got it boat side but it shook loose when I tried to grab it’s mouth.  Louie hooked another and we got it to the boat for a photo.  The icing on the cake was when Michael missed a monster on the fly rod.  The bite slowed and we called it a morning.  Mission  accomplished!

Capt Eric Greenstein


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