Trout from the shoreline

Armed with a half dozen or so live shrimp leftover from my morning charter, I hit the banks of Ormond Beach for an hour of wade fishing.  I’ve been noticing a lot of small to medium shrimp in the shallows and had a feeling the big fish would have a hard time turning down a free lined live shrimp.  I waded into the Halifax River and made a few casts up near a dock.  A small mangrove or the like bit the shrimp in half.  I replaced the shrimp and tried again with the same results.  I did this 4 or 5 times working the length of the dock.  Finally, I felt a bug bump and pulled back to set the hook.  The fish felt solid and put up a pretty good fight.  Got it close and saw it was a nice sized trout.  Picked her up for a quick photo, unhooked and released it.

Shoreline Spotted Seatrout

Shoreline Spotted Seatrout

Burned the last few shrimp I had on nibbles and called it a trip.

Capt Eric Greenstein


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