Bait.. Not all fun and games

Let me start by saying, I love my job as a professional fishing guide and am very passionate about what I do.  A lot of people don’t realize there is actually a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.  Lets forget about licensing, advertising, boat and gear maintenance, and knowing where the fish are.  Lets talk about bait.

Sometimes getting bait in Ormond or Daytona is as simple as walking into the bait shop and dishing out a few bucks for fifty of one hundred shrimp.  Other times it gets a little more complicated (and dirty).  Sometimes the target species doesn’t want shrimp, sometimes it wants mullet.  The right sized bait mullet can be an elusive and evasive species.  There are times I can make a quick stop during a charter and throw the net a few times to get all the bait we’ll need for the day.  And then there are the times I have to make a special trip the day before or get up an hour earlier to net bait that morning.  Bait complexity is usually determined by time of year and fishing destination.  Here is a picture of my boat from a recent bait hunt in Ormond Beach.

Got bait?

Got bait?

Learning how to throw a cast net is a necessity here in Florida.  The best live baits to use in the Ormond and Daytona Beach area are Mullet, Pinfish, Croaker, and Shrimp.  At some point of the year all of these baits can be caught in the Halifax and Tomoka Basin with a cast net.  There are lots of videos on youtube that teach the various ways to throw a new.  Below is a short video of me throwing a net on a recent charter.

Capt Eric Greenstein


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