MirrOlure hook replacement

Most people that know me know that I am a MirrOlure nut and have been for a long time.  One of my all time favorites is the MirrOdine.  It catches everything, especially Snook and Tarpon!  I’ll do a how to work a mirrodine post in the not so distant future, for now I’d like to talk about hook replacement.

The fun begins

The fun begins

Not everybody takes their lures out of the box each night to gently rinse and dry them.  Typically I accumulate a pile of used lures in a cup holder and they get a spray from the hose while I clean the boat.  If they are lucky, they will dry and get put away the next day.  A few months of this and the treble hooks will start to show signs of rust.  This is usually when I throw them in a box in the garage. When the box starts to fill, I sit down and swap the trebles.  The original replacement for mirrolure mirrodines are VMC O’Shaughnessy 4x perma steel treble hooks size #6. The best price I have found are on eBay From ebay member “mikelmb44”.  He sells the hooks in bulk at a very fair price and has a 100% positive review record.  I recently bought 50 of the previous mentioned hooks for $13.95 shipped.  If you contact him direct at mikelmb44@live.com he will discount your order. (5% off any order/no minimum)(10% off orders of $100+).

So you have your new hooks and your ready to make those lures new again.  I like to use a large hook with just a little rust (the rust helps it to not slide out).  I slide the point of the hook into the split ring just enough to get the treble hook eye in.

Open the split ring with a large treble

Open the split ring with a large treble

If the old hooks are pretty nasty, I just cut them off with electricians dykes.  That’s about it, rinse and dry your tackle box and reorganize it.  Smile as you look down at a few hundred dollars worth of brand new lures.

Capt Eric Greenstein



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