How to treat your Tarpon

It’s going to be very hard to beat the Tarpon fishing we had in June.

A picture perfect Tomoka River Tarpon

A picture perfect Tomoka River Tarpon

I’ll be posting lots more photos of my June Tarpon charters on my main site in the not so distant future.

In July the Tarpon should be ON FIRE!


They should be feeding heavily from the Tomoka River to the Tomoka Basin and out into the Halifax River.  For artificials, it’s hard to beat DOA Shrimp, MirrOlure Mirrodines, and MirrOlure catch 2000s.  Be patient and cast to the rolling fish.  If you are lucky enough to get a solid hookset on a Tarpon do your best to get it to the boat without wearing it out to excessively.  Larger tarpon generally need to be revived.  Reviving a fish doesn’t mean roughly  jerking it back and forth in the water.  Ideally you want to hold the fish by the jaw while slowly trolling forward.  About every 20 seconds you lift it’s open mouth halfway out of the water and the Tarpon will gulp air.  Lower it back down and repeat the process a few times.  Only let go of the fish when it can swim away.  Smaller fish that are subdued quickly probably won’t need this care but always take the responsibility to make sure your fish can swim away.

Capt Eric Greenstein


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