How to catch shrimp in Daytona Beach

If you haven’t already heard, the shrimp run is hot in the Ormond/Daytona Beach area.

Cast net full of shrimp

Cast net full of shrimp

If you’ve never done it, it can be a little overwhelming.  First off your usually surrounded (within inches at times) by 50-100+ other shrimpers in the middle of the channel.  Your also dealing with tidal flow, wind, yachts passing through, all while throwing a huge cast net.  Most of the newcomers just follow the flotilla which is perfectly acceptable.  You find the pack of boats, squeeze in, and start throwing the net.  I recommend learning how to throw at least an 8′ cast net.  Most of the guys that have been doing it a while throw 10-12′.  Keep in mind you can’t anchor in the channel and need to have good control of your boat.   All of this being said, it all has a way of working out.  The shrimper crowd is typically very easy going and happy to share advice and tips.  You will see everything from 12′ Jon boats to 60k flats and bay boats.  Shrimping in Daytona is a messy job and sometimes a painful job.  Catfish and jellyfish are your most common bycatch.  You will also get squid at times, mantis shrimp, triple tail, pompano, crabs, baby flounder, the possibilitys are endless.  Muddy, messy, wet, painful, backbreaking, yet we always come back.  Maybe it’s that huge 5 gallon bucket full of the sweetest wild caught Florida shrimp you’ll ever taste.  I highly recommend you talk to local legend net maker Ed Schumacher (386 566 9097) about having a shrimp net built.  He knows exactly what you need for the area, weight, mesh, so on…  He will even teach you how to throw it like the pros.

Capt Eric Greenstein


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