Father son day

Thanks to a last minute cancellation, I got the chance to spend a few hours guiding my favorite client, my son.  We launched out of Ormond Beach on the morning of the 4th.  The Tomoka Basin was our fishing destination for the morning.

Running to the Tomoka Basin

Running to the Tomoka Basin

With a few hundred shrimp in the well, we were prepared for battle.  Our first spot was ladyfish city.  This was a great opportunity for my son to practice “bowing to the king”.  It was also a good time for him to practice hooking his own shrimp, and taking fish off the hook.  As he played with these mock Tarpon on the bow, I played with them on the stern with my 7wt.  Ladyfish on the fly are always fun and can be a real challenge to land.  Next we hit the mangrove snapper hole for a few fresh fish for dinner.  These Snapper hit like a freight train, are abundant, and best of all Delicious!

A fat little mangrove

A fat little mangrove

Next it was Snook and Tarpon time.  Again, I put my son on the bow while I worked the shorelines from the stern with my fly rod.  It didn’t take long to get a half a dozen fish landed, mostly small but a few decent ones mixed in.

Tomoka Snooklet

Tomoka Snooklet

Decent Snook on the fly

Decent Snook on the fly

We also managed a few Redfish, Black Drum, and a Tarpon that weighed about 10#.  I tried to get my son to take a picture with the Tarpon but he was a little nervous holding it without the Tarpon glove (I forgot it).  We left the fish biting due to the heat.  Not bad for a 3 hour session.

Capt Eric Greenstein



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