Run to Tomoka Basin

I met Dustin and his little brother Chase a little before 6am on Tues July 14.  We launched out of Granada with a livewell full of fresh caught shrimp.  We came up with a game plan as we idled through the no wake zone under the bridge.  We ran to the basin and started the morning off with top water lures.  We saw some good surface strikes but were unable to hook up.  At about 6:45am the fish turned off like a switch….  Slack Tide. We made our way to the Tarpon spot and it didn’t take long to find the rolling fish.  We casted for about a half hour or so but could only muster a big Sailcat.  I decided to move up the tomoka and hit some of the smaller creeks.  Good choice.  It didn’t take long to start hooking up.  First a few small mangrove snapper and then a few nice black drum.





Dustin got his first Tarpon and things started looking better.


After that it was Snook city.

Chase with his first Snook

Chase with his first Snook


After multiple Snook for each angler we even managed a few reds and Chase bagged his first Tarpon.


Not bad for a morning fishing charter.  Stay tuned for today’s (Wed July 15) insane charter news!!

Capt Eric Greenstein


One thought on “Run to Tomoka Basin

  1. You had a great day! The next day (Friday morning) I fished where I saw you and fought a tarpon but couldn’t boat it, jumped five times. Then my first flounder in three years…


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