Ormond beach fishing at its best

Trying to keep up on my blog reports this time of year is proving to be more challenging then I originally anticipated.  Chris emailed me a few months ago to book an inshore fishing trip in Ormond Beach for his son and himself.  He wanted to keep his son busy catching fish for a 4hr morning charter.  We launched at 6am and ran to the Tomoka Basin in Ormond.   It didn’t take long for us to start catching fish.  Aside from all the big Black Drum and Redfish we got, what got my heart pumping was the monster Snook Chris was able to land.  I am partial to Snook though.  Don’t forget Snook season is closed and even if it wasn’t, you should c&r them anyway.

The highlight of my morning

The highlight of my morning

Here are a few of the better fish we landed.

What a great day of landing lots of big fish


One of many red and black drum we landed.

Capt Eric Greenstein



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