He said a Snook would save his vacation

When I talked to Hudson the day before his trip, he told me nothing has gone right since he left for his Florida vacation from Texas.  I will quote you his text to me.  “I am counting on you to put me on some fish and turn this vacation around for me.  See you in the morning”.  Ohh K, pressure just got turned on high.  To make things even more interesting, after we launch Hudson explains to me that he is a bait casting guy and that he might be a little rusty with the spinning gear.  Now I’m waiting for the candid camera crew to idle up and yell gotcha but this was my reality.  Get this guy a snook or his vacation will be ruined.  Well, let me just place a couple keywords in here because when we are fishing for Snook in Ormond Beach, Captain Eric Greenstein aims to please.  I got Hudson his first Snook and I got him a big one.

Hudson holding a big 32.5" Snook

Hudson holding a big 32.5″ Snook

I didn’t just get him one either, I got him two big ones.

28" Snook

28″ Snook

I also put him on a nice drum, redfish, mangroves, and a Jack.  Not bad for 4hrs.  If your looking for a fishing guide in Daytona/Ormond area, call, text, or email me for availability.

Capt Eric Greenstein



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