October fishing in Daytona Beach

Daytona beach redfish alexisFall is setting in here in East Central Florida.  The cool temps have the annual mullet run in full swing.  The predator fish are fattening up for winter.  In other words the fishing in Ormond and Daytona has been great!  The redfish have been way up on the banks and the super high water makes it much easier to sneak up on them.  We are also getting some nice Snook, Jacks, and the occasional flounder off the seawalls.  Live mullet seems to be the bait of choice for most fish right now.  Free lining mullet in shallow water is one of the most productive and fun ways to fish live bait. The lack of weight allows the mullet to swim very naturally, fooling the most cunning of gamefish.  My favorite part of this method of fishing is the mullets natural tendency to avoid predator fish from above.  The obvious advantage being you get to watch the action on the surface.  If you have never seen a big Snook pop a mullet off the surface or a big redfish crush it’s prey up top, you are missing out.  Give it a try the next time you are out.

Captain Eric Greenstein



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