Happy New Year!

2016 is going to be a huge year for http://www.fullscalecharters.com/!  To get things started off on the right foot, I am super excited to announce that my 2 brand new 8′ Power Poles are installed on the bay boat and working better then I could have ever imagined!  I am no longer a slave to the wind or tidal flow like I was with the single Power Pole.  I drop the duel poles with a push of a button on my remote and stay positioned exactly how I wish.  The single pole was nice but the duel system in my opinion is the only way to go.  It’s the fastest, cleanest, quietest, and most efficient anchoring system on the market today!  The installation was fast and easy with the motor mount brackets that slip in between the outboard and the transom.  No new holes in the boat.  All I can say is these things will be a total game changer!Daytona-beach-power-pole-installation.jpg



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