Summer Snookin!


Captain Eric with a big Ormond Beach Snook

I had a chance to get out and play for a few hours on my own last week.  As much as I love having folks on the boat, I always appreciate a day to myself on the water.  A chance to fully admire all of the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife Ormond Beach has to offer.  As I idled up the creek pre daybreak, I spotted movement along the shoreline.  As I got closer, I coult see it was a pair of young raccoons digging around in the soft mud together looking for breakfast.  If you’ve never seen raccoons digging in the mud, its pretty neat.  They almost look like bakers kneading dough.  What they are really doing is using their sensitive paws to find food in or on the soft bottom.

I continued on my dark journey through the narrow waterway and as I approached my destination I felt a surge of excitement.  The baitfish were frantically pushing from one side of the creek to the other.  As they would approach the shallow shoreline an explosion or two would send them back towards deeper water where they would get attacked by the Tarpon.  My target wasn’t Tarpon, although seeing them shoot completely out of the water to ambush prey never gets old.  This morning, I wanted the fish hanging near the shoreline drop.  I grabbed a rod with one of my favorite throwbacks, the MirrOlure 7m, and started working it along the waters surface.  It didn’t take long to find a taker.  A smaller snook around 20″.  Things slowed down rather quickly which I anticipated.  I had the feeling I would be catching the tail end of a frantic full moon fiasco.  I knew the fish were still there and I wasn’t going to give up on the spot just yet.  I decided to throw another classic lure that for some reason got moved to the back of the line up until recently.  The trusty spoon.  Within a few casts I stuck a Red about the same size as the Snook.  A few more casts and it was big fish on!  The Rocket thruster runs told me that this was probably at least a slot sized Snook.  10 minutes into the fight and I got a glimpse of what was indeed a large Snook.  Gently I landed the fish and snapped a quick picture before filming an underwater release (below).  Success!!  In the next hour I hooked and lost 2 more seemingly very large snook on the same lure.  Once the tide changed, the bite slowed, and I left on a good note.

Nothing more gratifying then setting up a game plan, sticking to it, and finding success!  Don’t forget that Snook season is closed.  Have fun out there and be safe!

Capt Eric Greenstein










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