Fishing not catching

I’d be a liar if I said that every trip was an incredible fishing experience.  Sometimes the fish make you work pretty hard to get them to bite.  Matts Ormond Beach fishing charter was the perfect example.  We started the trip looking for Tarpon and it didn’t take long to find them.  Unfortunately, the Tarpon wanted nothing to do with what we had to offer.  We did manage one take and jump and that was it.  My next suggestion was to relocate and go after Redfish.  We relocated but all we found were a few stinking old catfish.  Now I’m sweating.  We moved again and it didn’t take long from there to hook up with a deep red Ormond Beach Redfish.

Matts hard earned Redfish

Matts hard earned Redfish

That took some pressure off my back but I wanted more.  We hooked up with a few smaller fish and lost them.  Landed another slot red and landed a fat mangrove.  Sometimes we spend more time fishing then catching but that’s the name of the game.

Capt Eric Greenstein


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