Creek fishing in Ormond Beach

Lots of people are always surprised to see what a great Tarpon fishery the narrow creeks in Ormond have to offer.  After I dropped my morning charter off, I grabbed my son and we shot back out.  Armed with a handful of mullet and a few gold sided mirrolure mirrodines, we idled into Strickland Creek.  The first stop was a little slow with just a few rolls to be seen.  We moved further into the creek and stop number two showed much more promise.  My son made a great cast at a rolling fish with a mullet and the baitfish immediately went berserk on the surface.  Within seconds the Tarpon exploded on the mullet but missed, two more misses and the fourth made connection.  My son steadily pulled the rod low and to the side to let the circle hook find its home.  The fish went airborn and the fight was on.  After a few minutes he had him to the side of the boat and ready for a picture.

Healthy ormond beach juvenile Tarpon

Healthy ormond beach juvenile Tarpon

After a quick slimeing we trolled the boat slowly forward with the fish in the water to revive it.  When the fish was ready it kicked out of my hold and swam away happy.  The rest of the 2hr trip produced a few more jumped fish on the mirrodines but no more fish brought to the boat.  A total success in our opinion.

Capt Eric Greenstein


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